Monday, November 23, 2009

Kind of Like Spitting

ctrl-c from the wiki:

Kind of Like Spitting was an American indie rock band. They formed in 1996 in Portland, Oregon. The band was led by prolific singer-songwriter Ben Barnett, who has drawn comparisons to Elliott Smith, Mark Eitzel, Billy Bragg, and Robert Polard.

I first listened to Kind of Like Spitting around two years ago, but back then I was still too into Ceremony, Trash Talk, and Trapped Under Ice to really "get it". Then, a few months ago, I found "You Secretly Want Me Dead" and listened to it on loop for the bulk of that week. The most accurate way I can describe his sound is to imagine what Elliott Smith would have sounded like, had all of his songs been written about heroin, but instead written about heartbreak.

Kind of Like Spitting (a.k.a The Blue EP)
You Secretly Want Me Dead
Nothing Makes Sense Without it
Old Moon in the Arms of the New
One Hundred Dollar Room
Bridges Worth Burning
Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs
In the Red
The Thrill of the Hunt

Birds of A Feather
InSound Tour Support Series No. 14


kirk said...

thank you

Payasocastillo said...

thanks for the blue ep, i was lookin for it